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Pressure, Pressure Everywhere? Find A Place To Sing

musicnotes2There are days when I feel pressured for no apparent reason, at least not a reason I can see.  Nothing much  is going on.  Does this ever happen to you?  No earth-shattering appointments, no pressing deadlines, just the usual to-do list with many options.  But my mind is over active, and I feel like a big dose of relief is in order.  What’s a girl to do?

I  sing.  I find a place to make sound all by myself.  This is speed therapy  — I don’t even have to tell anyone a story.  No need to explain a thing, words are not necessary.  Just make  sound, beautiful sound.

If you can find a place to sing that’s acoustically friendly, all the better — an empty stairwell, a church, underground parking when no one is around, or a room in your own home with no carpet and smooth cement walls and ceiling — wait, that’s probably not in your home, but you get the idea! Preferably, go where no one can hear you (or find you). You can put all your attention on making sound and vibrating your way to a better feeling.  This is good.

And then sing — loud or soft or whatever feels right.  Either one is healing if it resonates with your state of being.   And this is important — you don’t need a song, just make sound.  Looong  slooooooow sound.

Don’t worry about changing notes all that often, it doesn’t matter.  Feel the sound go all the way through you, from your head to your toes and everywhere in between.  Feel your tension leaving.  Yes, you’re raising your vibration and you feel better.   Time is disappearing, too.  Life is slowing down.  You’re relaxing.  Everything is getting more OK by the minute.  Your brain is defragging.  More room for new creativity, those wonderful bursts of brilliance and whatever else rings your chimes.

Try it an let me know what vibrated in you!  Do we have liftoff?  Are we jumping for joy?jumping for joy

Here’s To Inner Songs Galore,



Where this Blog Title comes from…


I have decided after many years that I’m not a very patterned and predictable person.  I’d like to be.  After all, consistency is honorable and admirable, not to mention convenient. I’ve really tried.  Somewhere deep down, my soul craves  the comfort of sameness.   I know it does — I feel it.  Heck, just to know what I’ll be doing when I open my eyes in the morning would be a good start.  I just can’t do it.  I can’t pull it off!

So……………………. I have officially surrendered.  Apparently, I have a different calling.

After taking a survey of just one area of my life — how I shop for food and make a meal — I could have figured out years ago that I’m an improvisational person.  I don’t plan my meals and make a shopping list for the coming week.  I cook by the seat of my pants.  At torganic-produce2he Farmer’s Market I buy what looks good and take the textures and fragrances and colors home.  When it is meal time, I open the refrigerator, peruse the contents, make an instinctive decision about what proteins and veggies to put together, what delectable  tastes and textures would be complimentary, fabulously colorful or surprising and make it up from there.  It’s easy for me, it’s fun and it turns out really, really well 99% of the time,  just ask my daughter and husband.  Or folks who stop by around meal time.  This is improv at its best!  Yum!

This blog is a calling out to live an improvisational life in all ways  spontaneous and spirited, but especially in singing.  It is about expressing one’s creative birthright, inventing each day and each note as it comes.  I know there are others of you out there who feel this way, and I’d love to hear your stories and experiences about this.  How does this “singing by the seat of your pants” approach to life delight you and serve others at the same time?  Let me know!

And then there’s the matter of starting an improvisational choir…..Oh, it’ll happen!!!  Want to play?



Terri Crosby