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What Does Your Freedom Sound Like?

There is a lot NOT to do when you sing, and a lot to forget about.

Very little TO  DO.

In fact, drop most of your rules about singing — heck drop all of them.  It will make things easier. You can have rules back any time you want them.  Herein lies the beauty of improvisational singing and the introduction to freedom that it offers.Path In Forest

First, get quiet.  Stand there for a while and do nothing.  Clear your mind for a minute.  Just stand there and be.  Imagine you know you are going somewhere beautiful, you just don’t know where.

Then take a deep breath, open your mouth and make a sound — a long, slow, easy-going note.  Your note is strong and it has substance,singleNote2 but no brothers and sisters yet.  No family of sounds.

It’s just one beautiful note standing all by itself.  Ok, it’s a little lonely, but that will change.

Repeat. Forget about melodies.  Feel a note coming and go there.

At first,  singing single notes gets your sound feet on the ground.  This is the point and it’s important.  This is a first step to singing in a way that will help you find your inner bell of freedom.  And what a beautiful sound that is!

Most people do not sing freely, not even close.  This is not exactly a stunning surprise, because we sing the way we live and the way we give speeches (and how we make love — but that’s another story!!!).  We’d have to.  Who we are in one place shows up all over the place — how efficient!

So, if we are a planner, a worrier, a strategist, or an agonizer,  do you think this will show up during singing?  Yep, it will, and this is a very good thing.  And if you don’t KNOW that you’re a “I won’t take a step unless I know where I’m going” person (or whatever), and it shows up in spades during singing, can you embrace that?  Absolutely. And can you embrace how amazing and skilled and beautiful you are?  Absolutely….. well, I don’t know…..sometimes that’s even harder.  (More on that subject another time.)

And yes, there are “natural” speakers who can tell a great story, but they know the story.  They know how it starts, they know the middle and they know the end. They know exactly how to get to the punchline and they know the audience will laugh.  This is a beautiful thing, and a great skill.  However, this is not what I’m talking about here.  Quite the opposite.

LittleGirlPeekingGentle Warning: the strangest sides of us can come up during singing!  This is one of the beauties of singing in this way.  So, my singing friend, prepare to meet your other selves that have been hiding in dark and comfortable places.  Invite them all out into the daylight.  Come  one, come all.  All the uncomfortable, afraid and very in control sides of you are welcome here in the land of free singing.

It’s the open road, baby!  You’ve got powerful transportation.  Step on the gas and see where this voice of yours takes you.