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Vocal Toning: How Do You Know If It’s “Working?”


If you’re toning regularly, for whatever reason, and however you do it, that’s a good thing.

For the scientist in all of us, it’s supportive to know there are well-documented health and emotional benefits to making sound, including relaxation, enhanced cellular healing and clearing of emotions, expanded self expression, self-empowerment, and heightened  creativity.

But all you really have to do is check how you feel after you tone.  You probably notice the positive evidence radiating all through your mind and body.

So keep right on toning.  It’s good for you.


If you tone with a group, there are different — additional — dynamics at play, and that’s what I want to talk about today. In a group, there is usually a clearly stated intention for toning, often related to healing.



How does that work?

In other words, what makes the toning session a healing session?  How do we “get there?”  How do we know we’re actually accomplishing what we set out to do?  Is the healing for you?  The group?  The world?

Wow.  A lot of questions within the question.

But if you’ve ever toned with a group, these musings (or similar) have probably crossed your mind….


Logically, to offer a healing space to another, it probably helps to be in a pretty free and relaxed place one’s self.

So I check in and ask:  What is my state of being during this toning session?

I’ve been in toning groups that are expressive, sometimes quiet, sometimes all over the map.  Sometimes the sound is beautiful.  Sometimes not.  But in either case, at the end, I wonder if we accomplished something meaningful.  It’s not that I think we didn’t accomplish our purpose for being there — I just don’t know.

Maybe there’s no way to really know.

In some vocal toning groups, I find that rather than being in a state of calm and that wonderful flowing way that I love to feel when I sing — instead — I’m in my head.  (Not fun.)  I’m thinking, not being and certainly not flowing.

Which made me wonder about the difference — why am I in a wondrous state at one time, and “in my head” in another?

And I wondered — how do I personally contribute to the intention of the group, which is healing myself and the world?  What kind of a singing state is ideal for contributing to the group’s intention?

What to do?

Here are my top 5 steps.

1. If you’re not in a great state upon arrival to the toning session, that’s fine.  No big deal.  We’ve all been there — life smacks us over the head sometimes and we go reeling.  We’re all human and we’re all in this together.

So what to do?

Just start where you are and move toward ease and relaxation.   Miracles happen when there’s ease.  Healing happens naturally when there’s ease.

2. Sing in a way that moves you into a easier, more relaxed, happier state one note at a time.  Expecting yourself to go from annoyed or frustrated or grieving — straight to bliss — is a tall order.  Too tall, in fact.  Don’t expect yourself to do that.  It’s a big jump.  It’s not even necessary to try that hard.

Start easy.   Start in a small way.  Start where you are and then reach ever so slightly to some sound that eases your emotion or state of mind.

3. Then do it again.

4. Pause for a micro-second and notice differences.  Don’t think, just notice.

5. Then do it again.

It’s really easy — if you start easy.  Let sound help you get where you’re going.  That’s the idea of toning.

Go for the small stuff and you’ll be moving in the direction of ease.  Then you’ll be running, then leaping with the gracefulness of a deer,  then soaring and communing with the divine.  You’ll be creating and feeling healing vibrations in no time.

The personal state of being we’re in when we tone makes a difference.  This state determines what we manifest.  The state you’re in will produce a result which matches your predominant vibration.

You’ll know because you’ll be thought-less.

You’ll be riding the group sound wave in a state of bliss.


Toning With A Group

Let The Flow of The Group Carry You


When you tone by yourself, it’s like being single.  You can do what you want, without any concern or attention on anyone else.  When you’re single, you can watch TV when you want, read with the light on — even in the middle of the night — and you’ll bother no one.  Your frig contains only foods  you consume.  You eat whenever and whatever you want, and you come and go from your residence as you please.  You simply suit yourself in your home situation, because no one else is there.  It’s appropriate.

When you’re in a relationship, however, the dynamics change.  There is another person in your space  who is probably very different from you  —  different habits, sounds, preferences, thoughts, patterns of sleep and movement and so on.

To be in harmony as a couple,  a natural shift in my patterns occurs to include the other person, and be more in harmony with the one who shares my energetic and physical space.  My radar now looks out for my partner as well as me.

In the same basic way, when you tone as a single individual vs. with a group, the dynamics are different from each other – not better or worse, just different.  When you tone with a group, it’s like being in relationship — and therefore relationship dynamics apply.

It’s like this.  If you act like a single person when you’re a couple, it doesn’t work all that well.   And one might ask, why be in a relationship and act single??

There are advantages to being single, and advantages to being a couple, but they are clearly different situations and require different skills.

The same applies to toning.

Toning in a group requires awareness and willingness to shift at a moment’s notice, because it is an inclusive process.  It’s not just about you.

There is someone next to you or across the room who is not you at all and who is probably expressing something entirely different that what you’re expressing today.

Tune into other individuals.  What are they saying?  What’s your response?  You might find yourself toning for one person with your sound and your heart.  And she might notice in the smallest way that she feels heard somehow, because you’re listening and responding, which changes what she does.  The sound between the two of you evolves from there….

So, for an extraordinary experience, let your awareness  naturally expand to include the group.   Who is there?  What is being expressed?  Your sound goes into the group and finds another’s.   You talk by toning,  you listen,  you ease one another, you offer your heart space.

Or you tune into the group sound, and you sing with the ever-changing, always flowing sound of the whole.

This inclusivity, this joining together in sound, can speed up your own process exponentially, and/or change it up completely and send you down a road less traveled — for you.  You might find yourself toning for a group in need.  You might feel complete unabashed joy to the world and sing that joy and happiness into the whole.

There is another significant thing that happens, which many toners have mentioned to me.  Let’s say you’ve had a bit of a funky morning and you arrive at the group session frustrated about something, with your underwear all in a bundle.  You feel the distinct need to express yourself and “get it all out.”  However, as you sit down with the group, you notice that the funky mood just kind of lifts, and you no longer have the frustration, anxiety, anger or the irritation of the pet peeve.  It’s gone.  You don’t notice it, because it is no longer there.  The group absorbed it and transformed it.

No, it’s not that you’re ignoring it, or being unaware.   The energy of the group lifted you above your little problem.  You have been officially elevated without any work on your part whatsoever.   Your little problem has a vibration that doesn’t match the group vibration, so your lower vibration thought or emotion just drops out.

This is OK.  Actually, it’s more than OK.  It’s a good thing.  What a gift.

So in this group setting, relieved of the issue you arrived with, you are on new and higher ground almost instantly.  You begin to tone from a more balanced place, and the experience takes you to an even more beautiful place than you ever imagined.   In fact, just by being aware, and letting go of the small  issues, you allowed yourself to rise to a new level of bliss through toning.

This is one very big advantage of toning with a group.  When you take attention off yourself, the world of positive energy, connection and upliftment opens right there before your very eyes.

And isn’t that one big reason we tone in the first place?

Yes, Absolutely!