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Giving In To Giving In

Did I have a clue when I lived in Los Angeles how uptight I was?

Not even….

I was uptight to my very core, from my very core, through my core, within my core.

How did I find out?

I moved to the country.

In the country, it’s quiet.  Sunrise opens the door of the morning, sunsets bathe the final hours in color.  The ground breathes, branches in the forest crack.  You hear them fall.  Wind blows across the valley and when you step out the door and sense it coming toward you, the feeling is brisk and energizing.  It’s a bit of a thrill when the fast moving rain storm sweeps the valley in front of you, in the direction of you, all over you.

The way I think of it, the energy of the wind sweeps a burst of happy energy my way, and in that moment,  I remember everything during my day I felt good about.

Yes, I moved to where birds sing and tall trees reach up pretty much forever.  There is a peace in a forest on a mountain that you cannot find in places with stoplights and streetlights. For me, inner quiet comes easier when there is outer quiet.

Out here in the country, on top of a certain nearby mountain, there is a sound chamber.  It’s a perfect place to sing.  The birds and I sing together.

This kind of singing relieves me from thinking, opens my lungs and heart, and nurtures everything about my soul. Warmth and light venture into the nooks and crannies of me, the corners of my being breathe, and my inner workings sigh happily as they smooth out and  begin to move more easily.

Sound Chamber

It all begins near the mouth of the sound chamber.  Because there is no light in the chamber, the sunlight from the forest coming in the door is my candle.

First, go with simple sound.  More simple than you might think.  It’s beautiful.  It doesn’t matter at all where it starts.  A single note comes, often  just a feather sound to brush the silence.  A sound comes into the void, like color onto a white canvas.  Sometimes it is soft sound , other times an eruption, and always a surprise to me where it starts and where it goes.

I’ll show you what it sounds like really soon….I’m going to upgrade to be able to share audio on this site.

In the meantime, if you’d like a sample, send a message with your email, and I’ll send you a few mp3’s to listen to.

If you would like me to “tune into you” and sing/record a song for you next time I am there, let me know.  It would be my pleasure.  I can send you a personal mp3 just for you, and you can let me know how it affects you, where it goes in you, how it speaks to you, what it does for you.

Tra la la to you and yours.  Hope summer is turning out to be everything you want it to be.


How To Find Your Authentic Sound


The short answer? Relax your body.  Your relaxed body and mind allow you to make the purest sound of you.

Is it a bath that does it for you?  A vase of flowers on your desk while you work?  A cat that reminds you how to enjoy yourself?  A physical workout?  All of the above?

What does it for you?

If you’re relaxed, you’re not trying to get rid of  “the inner uglies”,  worries and stresses, or the day’s low points.  You are not attempting to balance yourself, heal yourself or send your personal list of “the most un-wanteds” out of yourself through sound.

(But if you do have a “get rid of list”, go for it.  Make any sound that is sure to empty the inner junk tank.)

If you sing from a relaxed place, you can feel what is inside you.  You can express the beautiful you.  Your sound reflects this  “at-home-with-yourself” vibration and you’ll be able to meet yourself, feel yourself, know yourself and hear who you are.

To sing your true sound, it helps to live where you want to and how you want to.  If you like green around you, and breathing room, then by all means, orchestrate your life so you have green in abundance. If you like the city, find one that suits you and live right smack in the middle of it, so you can be fed by the energy of the city or whatever is attractive to you about the city.

If you know what makes you happy and you don’t have it, write down your vision, find pictures and post them where you can see them.  Spend a little time each day — even walking from your bedroom to the kitchen — imagining and feeling yourself in this new environment.  Imagine and feel.  Bring your favorite environment into your sound when you sing.  Sing from there.  Your new space will come running into your arms.

Mine did.  Ahhhhhh.

Got a story like this?  Or questions?  Do tell.


Pressure, Pressure Everywhere? Find A Place To Sing

musicnotes2There are days when I feel pressured for no apparent reason, at least not a reason I can see.  Nothing much  is going on.  Does this ever happen to you?  No earth-shattering appointments, no pressing deadlines, just the usual to-do list with many options.  But my mind is over active, and I feel like a big dose of relief is in order.  What’s a girl to do?

I  sing.  I find a place to make sound all by myself.  This is speed therapy  — I don’t even have to tell anyone a story.  No need to explain a thing, words are not necessary.  Just make  sound, beautiful sound.

If you can find a place to sing that’s acoustically friendly, all the better — an empty stairwell, a church, underground parking when no one is around, or a room in your own home with no carpet and smooth cement walls and ceiling — wait, that’s probably not in your home, but you get the idea! Preferably, go where no one can hear you (or find you). You can put all your attention on making sound and vibrating your way to a better feeling.  This is good.

And then sing — loud or soft or whatever feels right.  Either one is healing if it resonates with your state of being.   And this is important — you don’t need a song, just make sound.  Looong  slooooooow sound.

Don’t worry about changing notes all that often, it doesn’t matter.  Feel the sound go all the way through you, from your head to your toes and everywhere in between.  Feel your tension leaving.  Yes, you’re raising your vibration and you feel better.   Time is disappearing, too.  Life is slowing down.  You’re relaxing.  Everything is getting more OK by the minute.  Your brain is defragging.  More room for new creativity, those wonderful bursts of brilliance and whatever else rings your chimes.

Try it an let me know what vibrated in you!  Do we have liftoff?  Are we jumping for joy?jumping for joy

Here’s To Inner Songs Galore,