Private Voice Lessons

Been Thinking of Learning To Sing?

“By introducing me to belting and the appoggio breathing method, Terri Crosby has literally changed my life. Using these simple techniques, I have experienced an incredible blossoming and ease with my voice, and watched it happen with all of my voice students as well. Everyone I’ve introduced to these exercises has taken to them incredibly quickly, and sees immediate results. This process simply demystifies singing, and gives us back our strength. THANK YOU TERRI!!!”  
xoxo ! Kimberly Harrison, Voice Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
“Terri’s vocal training is not the usual stuff I experienced in the past.  She is helping me to create a whole new voice that I’ve always wished for but thought I didn’t have.  I actually (forgive me) love to hear my own voice now.  And the process has only just begun.  I noticed the difference in the first week of practice.  I only wish I had had this training many years ago.   Who knows where I’d be singing now?  Thank you, Terri, for such exciting and wonderful training. ”   
Suka Chapel-Horst, Hendersonville, N.C.

Location of lessons, near Hendersonville, NC or in the Asheville, NC area.

Individual: 1 hr. lesson

Single lesson — $40 each

Pkg of 5                $35 each, total of $175

Small Groups of 3 singers

1-1/2 hour lesson

Single lesson — $75 ($25 per singer and you all get to sing!)

Pkg of 5                $345 ($115 per singer)

“I had my first lesson with Terri and now realize that singing isn’t at all what I thought it was. I have never been able to sing, or so I was told.  I thought I had to make or force a sound, but instead I got a glimpse that the sounds are already there, waiting to be sung.  The more I practiced, the more I became aware of the ease in my voice without forcing anything.  Such joy came to me.  After all these years, I am getting to know my voice!”
Deborah Tomchuk, Esthetician, Horse Shoe, NC

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