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Letting Go of That…And That…

OK, good for you.

You’ve had a busy day, an active day, a productive day.  And on top of that,  you got up early to get it all going.  It’s now about 9 or 10 pm and you think to yourself, “Wow, it’s about time to slow down and head for the bedroom, get relaxed, read a little maybe, and get a good night’s sleep.”

What a good and wise thought.

You begin to work your way in that direction, but you forgot about the cat litter that needs emptying and, yes, the dishwasher finished a couple hours ago.  It would be better to empty it now, wouldn’t it?

So you do.

And then there’s that email you forgot about until this very minute and you promised to send the information today.  Back to the computer for just a few minutes, right?  No big deal.  I’ll only take a moment.  But while you’re there, you take care of a couple other emails.  One takes longer than you thought.

Back to the kitchen to get the sliced peaches and big fat blueberries out of the freezer for tomorrow.  You congratulate yourself for remembering.

Are we done yet?

Not quite.  Brush teeth, take out the contact lenses, wash your face, jammies on.

Into blessed bed.

The clock says 11:15 pm.  My how time flies.  So onto the pillow goes your head and you think, “Ahhhh.  Sleep.  This is gonna be a piece of cake.  This is gonna be so easy.  I’m so tired.”

And then the unthinkable begins….

Nodding off effortlessly into dreamland — it’s not happening!  Where did it go?  It was here just a minute ago.   Your good friend “Sleepy Head” slipped away into some other dimension and sent its (very) distant cousin  “Busy Mind” to visit.

What an unwelcome exchange….

You’ve heard that what you resists only gets worse, what you think about manifests, and where your attention flows your energy goes.

(Yeah, yeah.  Just let me sleep, please…)

So good and well-meaning human that you are, you resolve to welcome the unwelcome visitor, and not resist.  You get what you resist, right?  Yes.  You resolve to relax.  Let go of it all.  Chill out.  Tune out the word-thought-idea party going on in your head.

You breathe deeply.  Ahhhh.  The dance of words slows a bit.

I must be doing something right,”  you think to yourself.

But the inside-your-head-talking-party doesn’t actually stop.   There are a couple of noisy and determined characters who keep bringing up new topics for discussion.  Not important topics, just random, free range comment threads that don’t matter at all at this hour, or probably ever.

But there they are, these word children, yacking away.

What can you do with them?

“Hush,” you say to the noisiest ones.  You pretend they are restless children who have been playing outside all day and just can’t settle down.  You give them an pillow and blanket and tell them to lay their sweet heads down, down, down.  And you tell them oh-so-patiently, “It’s late, darlings.  Morning will be coming soon. Go to sleep.”

You even read them a story.

And the “word children” settle down for a minute.  The bedtime story is good, but sooner or later, one of them asks for a drink of water.

You get the drink and sink back into the land of hopeful sleep.


The last child, the noisiest one is still awake.

So now what?

“Well, what if I sing him a lullabye?”

You hum silently.  It’s all in your imagination.  “Hey, this feels good,” you think to yourself.   You keep humming.  You notice you’re breathing more deeply.