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How To Find Your Authentic Sound


The short answer? Relax your body.  Your relaxed body and mind allow you to make the purest sound of you.

Is it a bath that does it for you?  A vase of flowers on your desk while you work?  A cat that reminds you how to enjoy yourself?  A physical workout?  All of the above?

What does it for you?

If you’re relaxed, you’re not trying to get rid of  “the inner uglies”,  worries and stresses, or the day’s low points.  You are not attempting to balance yourself, heal yourself or send your personal list of “the most un-wanteds” out of yourself through sound.

(But if you do have a “get rid of list”, go for it.  Make any sound that is sure to empty the inner junk tank.)

If you sing from a relaxed place, you can feel what is inside you.  You can express the beautiful you.  Your sound reflects this  “at-home-with-yourself” vibration and you’ll be able to meet yourself, feel yourself, know yourself and hear who you are.

To sing your true sound, it helps to live where you want to and how you want to.  If you like green around you, and breathing room, then by all means, orchestrate your life so you have green in abundance. If you like the city, find one that suits you and live right smack in the middle of it, so you can be fed by the energy of the city or whatever is attractive to you about the city.

If you know what makes you happy and you don’t have it, write down your vision, find pictures and post them where you can see them.  Spend a little time each day — even walking from your bedroom to the kitchen — imagining and feeling yourself in this new environment.  Imagine and feel.  Bring your favorite environment into your sound when you sing.  Sing from there.  Your new space will come running into your arms.

Mine did.  Ahhhhhh.

Got a story like this?  Or questions?  Do tell.